Byron Bay local Reshmai Knox brings to her Byron Blu designs the fresh, vibrant vitality that is synonymous with her hometown.

“Beauty is style that effortlessly stands out from the crowd.” Reshmai Knox.

Byron Blu designs have been created based on her philosophy. Each piece is original with performing cuts and minimal attachments for a slimline look. The patterns are modern and unique with bursts of vibrant colour.

Reshmai Knox has always had a constant need to tweak the cut, colour or all over design of swimwear pieces. Growing up in Byron Bay has allowed the variety of bikinis and one pieces to be so close to her that she could not help but want to design her own swimwear. It comes so naturally to her that she never really noticed she was doing it until 3 years ago when she finally put pen to paper. She started putting her real passion to life – her ideas came out in ways she never imagined.

She has always seen the best in her surroundings and translated them into her designs.

Fun. Flirty. Unpredictable. Uninhibited.

Reshmai is a playful and optimistic designer and she translates this personality into her work.

Be the best you, with love from Byron Blu X

Byron Blu Swimwear is an Australian Made swimwear label. The latest technology is used in the slimline design to create the embodiment of a second skin.

Establishing as an Ethical eco friendly brand, iconic to Byron Bay’s tranquil seaside escape, the swimwear line boasts the feeling of freedom and confidence without the need for excessive details.

Byron Blu Swimwear’s exclusive seasonal designs offer limited edition pieces that compile of mix and match bikinis, sets and one pieces in an array of colour. All designs use high quality Italian fabrics that are fade resistant.