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Is Elora Murger from The Bachelor the Australian version of Kim Kardashian?

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The curves are in! Women are no longer starving themselves for beauty.

Of course we all say we need to loose a little bit of weight and need to get bikini ready but our approach now is to be more educated about it and know the right way to trim down or enhance.

Our Instagram feeds are full of posts of girls working out, beautiful bowls of salads and green smoothies.

Never before has access to be part of a movement been so big.

Welcome to the world where anybody can have their say. You can now say things without a word but with a simple image that speaks a thousand words.

‘Actions speak louder than words’ can now be modernised to ‘Pictures speak louder than words’.

So what do you think? is Elora our Kim ?


https://byronblubikini.com.au/wp-admin/post.php?post=4873&action=editOne Piece






Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Mayweather Style Boxing Skills (Video)

Get Out of Your Funk

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imageIf anyone says they have never been in a funk, then that is a big fat lie!

Google defines ‘funk’ as:

verb British
avoid (something) out of fear.
“I could have seen him this morning but I funked it”

Everyone gets into their funk no matter what scale of the spectrum it is.

Whether it be a tiny bit of a funk from time to time or a predictable time of the week or month where your friends will say  “oh she won’t be too keen to do that today because she is normally in her ‘funk’ and wants to stay away from everyone…she wants to be left alone, to just be in her stay at home clothes and not venture outside at all”.

For whatever reason you have for behaving like this, sometimes you need to just snap yourself out of your funk and get on with it.

Some days don’t let you be in your funk and hibernating away is just not an option.

1. Pick ups and drop offs with your kids where there is that group of judgemental mums who have absolutely nothing else to do but concern themselves with how you look and how you react towards them- and because you’re in your funk , you actually give a damn.

2. Business meeting at 10.00am requires you to be confident and you need to believe in yourself in order for them to even consider, or take what you are saying seriously.

3. Boyfriend has just surprised you by the oh so convenient message that he will see you in about half an hour because he has finished work early.

4. Your best friend’s birthday party is on that night and you feel like just staying home because you really don’t care about yourself, let alone everyone else.

You don’t mean to panic or avoid and normally you don’t, but because you’re in your funk everything regarding leaving the house is suddenly an issue.

If you resonate with anything I am listing here then do this simple thing to snap yourself out of it and be the real, admirable and entertaining you!

1.Go for a quick jog. It will de-stress and calm you. It will help make your skin radiant. Get the good endorphins going and as you take each step visualise your problems or fears being left behind. Stomp them out if you have to, literally!  Listen to your favourite playlist- nobody can hear it so turn up the latest Justin Beiber song if that’s what works for you.

2. After this you have got all sweaty so jump in the beach for a quick, invigorating and stimulating swim. If you have no beaches or lakes close by then skip this and get straight home for the last step.

3. Wash yourself with your favourite smelling soap, shampoo and conditioner. Choose bottles that have uplifting colours in the shower if you can, like the Dr. Organics range of shampoo and conditioner. It smells amazing and is good for your hair.

According to https://www.colormatters.com/the-meanings-of-colors/yellow, yellow is “the color of happiness, and optimism, of enlightenment and creativity, sunshine and spring”.

Using just the tiny pop of colour in your bathroom will instantly give you an uplifting feeling.

So there you have it, simple yet effective, easy to do with minimal expense and the result; a happy you who radiates from the inside out.

Now get up, get out of your funk and get moving….Now!


Shhhh ?

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imageThe most affordable, easy to do at home beauty tip is about to be revealed !

I recently put some dried chilli seeds from a small red chilli in the glove box of my car to take home. I was completely unaware that a couple of the seeds had come loose and one of them got into my favourite Rimmel lasting lipstick by Kate Moss.image

Over the next week as I was applying the lipstick I was getting a tiny tingling feeling on my lips. Confused but happy with the subtle enhanced look of my lips I finally saw just one seed that was camouflaged in my lipstick and realised that I had been applying a mixture of lipstick and one small chilli seed to my lips!

The result …pouty, fuller lips!

So there you have it girls. Try this sensibly at home with caution and send us a message with some before and after photos. We would love to hear from you.

Be the best you with love from Byron Blu X